Beaugan Journeyman Pant, Gunpowder

6799 SEK


* Beaugan Journeyman Pant, Gunpowder.
* 100% Cotton. Khadi. (handwoven)
* Dyeing Process: AIDORO (Japanese Aizome Indigo-Dye and Mud-Dye).
* Made in Japan.

“This deep black colour is produced by a repetitive process of over-dyeing (dye layering) the garment, dyeing multiple times cycling between aizome (natural, Japanese indigo plant dye) and Dorozome (mud-dye). Indigo gives a light shade of blue which progressively becomes a dark blue/purple the longer the garment is dyed and a with the additional dye cycles and layering. Mud dye adds layers of brown. Eventually an inky black is obtainable once this process and re-dye has occurred by layering blue, brown, blue brown, repetitively until a deep colour is achieved. Often these dye cycles require repetition of over 100 times dyeing
by hand.”

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Size 2:
Waist: 41,5cm
Inseam: 84cm
Knee: 25,5cm
Leg Opening: 24,5cm