Beaugan Coolabah Cap, Bracken

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* Beaugan Coolabah Cap, Bracken.
* 100% Cotton. Khadi. (handwoven fabric)
* Dyeing Process: Aizome, Natural Indigo Plant Dye.
* One size (adjustable).
* Made in Japan.

“This green colour is achieved by combining the processes and alternating layering of Aizome (Japanese real indigo dye) with “Kincha” (iron extract from mud dye). The garment is first dyed into indigo to achieve the blue, base note, with a top coating of golden, iron sediment colour, the combination of which resultants in a mottled green patina which varies showing an aurora of colour, expressing character through a myriad of turquoise blues, emerald greens, jades and gold. Each garment has a unique mottled painterly expression indicating the hand of the craftsmen who dyed it.”

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