Beaugan Billy Hat, Herringbone, Red Clay

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* Beaugan Billy Hat, Herringbone, Red Clay.
* 100% Linen Fabric.
* Dyeing Process: Sharinbai
* Made in Japan.

“To obtain this colour, more havy emphasis has been applied on the first stage of Dorozome, called “techigi”. The first dyeing solution is made by shedding wood chips of a tree indigenous to Amami Oshima; the “techigi”. These chips are then boiled in a steel drum. The solution is then left to ferment (like beer or wine) for at least two weeks before the solution is ready for the first step of dyeing. When the dye solution is ready, the initial dye may occur. The garment is first washed by hand to remove any possible glues or starches or finish commonly used during fabric weaving and finishing. The garment is then dyed into the techigi solution. During this stage often a mordant of calcined lime is added to alkalize the techigi dyeing solution (traditionally this comes from coral from the nearby ocean) this addition creates a naturally occurring chemical reaction imbuing the garments fabric fibres with an initial pink colour.”

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