Freewheelers FW15

Posted by Mikko on November 6, 2015


Dear Customers!

Some short info regarding which Freewheelers products we will be stocking this fall/winter:

Style 37J-1, Civilian Military Jacket
Deck Shirt
Aviator’s Trousers
Deck Jacket
Docker Shirts
Winter Aviator’s Vest
Stromberg Shirt
1913 Conductor Shirts
Brakeman Overalls, Wabash
US Navy Overcoat
CPO Shirt
Deck Jacket Hook and Zipper
US Navy Watch Cap
Power Wear Thermal Sweater
La Brea Leather Jacket
Dust Bowl Leather Jacket
San Mateo Leather Jacket

A few pictures from
Please visit this site for more info and inspiration.

/ Mikko